July 29, 2020 2 min read

I know... I know... The Ecto Portal currently only has three ghosts that can be unleashed. That is not an impressive number. We’re about to bump that number to five as we add two more unnamed ghosts. Still, it’s a small selection.

What you have to understand is that I am a technologist. I build genius-level, “how did a human mind think of that”-level technologies, and I often build them in stages to make sure that I can do what I think I can do. What you should be asking yourself is “what is this spooky character building towards?” If you are thinking that, then read on...

To make the Ecto Portal really great, I have to be able to tap into the whole universe of ghosts and paranormal entities. Where do they live? They live in games. Did you know that people all over the world create spooky characters for games and post them online for anyone to download?  What if you could use those in your Halloween displays, animating them however you want, and making them as interactive as you want? If you could do that without making it your full-time job, I think you would, and I think you’d create incredible, terrifying haunts. I am building the tools to let you do exactly that.

In addition to creating better illusions, I’m building the ability for people to tip you for your illusions in the same way you would tip someone for a good performance in any other avenue of life. That’s why (as some of you may have noticed from my email address) this project started out under the name of “spooky.tips”. You are an artiste who cares about creating a show, and I want to give people the ability to thank you for the enjoyment your art provided them.

If millions of people suddenly had the power to create spookily impressive illusions, and if they had the ability to make money doing it, don’t you think the world would get just a little bit spookier? Isn’t that exactly what we all want the world to be - spookier?

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