May 17, 2020 2 min read

It seems like a lofty goal - to be the first person to unleash millions of ghosts, specters/spectres and other creatures this blog post is intended to explain my plan thoroughly.  Here we go:

  1. I have created a projector (which is available at that people can use to display spirits on their property - as Halloween decorations.  You can project on a wall, a window (via a blind or transparent projector screen) or any other screen or surface.  Some people get super-creative and project these images on transparent fabric in their garden.  That gives an extra-spooky effect.
  2. It's not enough to just project a video that loops around again and again.  I wanted to create something people can interact with.  So, I've created some software that makes the undead visitor interactive.  That will be available very soon and it will be available immediately to anyone who owns one of my spooky projectors.  It runs on the projector, and it's going to be continuously updated to allow more and more kinds of interactions.
  3. This projector software needs to know when someone is trying to interact with the ghost, so I created a phone app called Ecto Quest, which people can load onto their phone so that they can try to defeat and capture the ghost in your window. 
  4. The Ecto Quest app lets players who wish to capture ghosts find your ghost (and any others nearby).  They can buy different weapons and items to use on your ghost as they try to capture it.  As they use them on your ghost, you accumulate some portion of the items they use up.  You can sell those back to us and get paid money as a result.
  5. The result of all this is that now people who make amazing Halloween displays will actually be rewarded for putting something spectacular together.  Finally, we will see just rewards for the spooky geniuses of the world!

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