May 29, 2020 1 min read

The Spooky Genius Portal Projector lets me summon all kinds of ghosts from alternate universes into our narrow dimension. Here, I demonstrate my invention, and use it to summon the Death Maker and Daddy Long-Legs ghosts. These are only two of the ghosts I could have summoned.

Count yourselves lucky, people of Earth! Summoning is the easy part, although I have to keep testing this process to make sure it works flawlessly. Once summoned, otherworldly spirits must be defeated, and I have an arsenal of devices in my lab that help me to capture the ghosts I unleash. This is all about perfecting the summoning of the ghosts.

Soon, I will be able to give to you, my henchpeople and fellow spooky geniuses alike, the power to unleash paranormal beings upon the world that nobody has previously dared conceive!

Bwa-hahahahahaha! (repeat x 10)


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