Ecto Portal for Projectors and TV Screens - Software Download

Operating System

Scare your neighbors with ghostly apparitions that they can interact with. Convert any display into a portal through which paranormal entities can enter our world!

Display ghosts and ghouls on television screens or projectors for the best effect possible. If you choose a good surface to project onto, the ghost will look like it's really floating in the air. A terrifying effect!

This amazing software shows ghosts moving around on whatever surface you choose. You can adjust the size of the ghosts, rotate them, and change other appearance settings.  There are always more ghosts being added to the collection, and as they are added you get to update for free and new ghosts will be added to your collection.

Runs on iOS, tvOS (Apple TV), Android (including smartphones, projectors and TV boxes), Windows 10. Load it on any compatible system and connect the output to a display (TV screen, monitor, projector). 

After purchase, you will receive an email with instructions for getting started on your particular operating system. If you want help, the Spooky Genius will directly guide you on setup!