Portal Projector 2500 (FREE Shipping Today)

This is the new, upgraded tool we use to summon the paranormal phenomena from their realm of rest.  With this, we will deliver our diabolical transdimensional takeover!

To get started, you just connect it to the power, turn it on, and follow the simple instructions we include in every box.  Essentially, you point at whatever surface you wish to use for summoning supernatural entities.

Once you’re set-up, people using the Ecto Quest game app will try to do battle with the terrors you summon, and as they do, you will get paid.  It’s a fool-proof plan if ever I heard one.


Facts about the Portal Projector:

  • It’s a projector that runs Android 6. Technically, you can run many Android apps on this device.
  • You get a free download and free updates of the Ecto Portal software with the purchase of this device.
  • You can project the portal (which is a projected ghost image) onto walls, curtains, fabrics, and more to scare your neighbors.
  • The device and game require WiFi Internet access to interact with Ecto Quest players, and you need that for updates as well.
  • Withdrawals from your Ecto Quest account may not be available immediately but will be enabled shortly.


 Imaging Technology 4.3 inch LCD
Resolution 720p / 1080p
Brightness 2500 Lumens / 150 ANSI
Contrast Ratio 1000:1
Display Ratio Screen 16:9 / 4:3
Projection Size Range 42-150 inch
Projection Distance Range 1.3 - 4.2m
Android Version 6.0